Lanseni Bagayoko - vores sponsorbarn i Mali - Child Progress Report

Erik Futtrups billede

Skrevet afErik Futtrup- den30 oktober 2011


Hermed ordret hvordan det går med vores sponsorbarn i Mali.

Lanseni is fine. He keeps on sharing the same diet with the other members of his family and enjoys eating. He prefers rice with peanut butter sauce and meat and she (Red.: he) has a normal growth.

Lanseni helps his family in the field works; he leads the plough oxen on the grazing land and clean herbs in the field. He looks after the field agains the destructive birds. He likes playing football with his pals. Lanseni is a friendly and bright boy. He enjoyed the two Muslim feasts (Ramadan & Tabaski) and the feast of the African Child Day on June, 16th. Those days, he amused well and enjoys eating.

Lanseni attends the 4th grade of the basic school (2010-2011). He is in a classroom of 32 pupils. He is good in reading and writing but weak in calculation and grammar. He attended the remedial courses organised by the DU to enhance his level. His twin brother Fousseyni attends the 4th grade. They have both received school stationeries at the school shop subsidised by the DU.

All the members of Lanseni's family are fine. Farming remains the livelihood of the family and the harvests have been faily good. The mother does a petty trade of fish in order to satisfy some of the family needs. All the members of the family enjoyed the two Muslim feasts because on those occations they enjoyed eating. The mother plans to boost her petty trade relying on good harvests.